The shining star of the premium compact segment builds on its global prosperity – Outstanding sporting capability, unsurpassed efficiency, modified body design, extensively refined interior – US marketplace release by September, world premier at the  one and only 2012 New York International Auto Show.

Munich. Having displayed its capacity to master both the entire challenges of everyday driving and even detours off a battered path with equal balance and additional authority, the BMW X1 is aiming to conquer yet another new sales area. This talented all-rounder of the premium compact segment will make its USA marketplace debut armed by advanced powertrain technologies, innovative equipment features, discerning design alterations and extensive interior improvements. The unique BMW X1 will enjoy its You premiere at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) on sixth to fifteen April 2012, alongside its marketplace release stateside next within September 2012.

The NYIAS could certainly see back on a past unrivaled by any kind of different car show inside the United States. It was held for the entire first-time throughout 1900, and even around a million guests are expected this year alone to visit this event at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

The BMW X model – manufactured at BMW Plant Leipzig – takes the leap over the seas with a renewed beginning in this leap, the outcome of a comprehensively judged honing of its heart and soul qualities. The entire design associated with the BMW X1 body at present offers a a lot more impressive expression associated with the vehicles muscular appeal, contemporary attract as well as versatile sporting ability. Its cabin involves freshly crafted surfaces, more polished controls not to mention high-quality details profiling the superior ambiance of a compact BMW X machine.

The BMW X1 has implemented a pioneering role among its premium class rivals throughout its existing markets – along with a repeat overall performance within the USA is shown on the cards. Joining the versatility not to mention civilized ruggedness of the BMW X model alongside a significant amount of agility not to mention compact exterior measurements, the entire X1 has set modern standards from the word go. Powerful machines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technologies along with a wide spread of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies fitted because standard worldwide offer the brand new BMW X1 the tools that would further heighten its advantage over the competition within terms of sporting power and in addition efficiency.

Design: brand new touches to be able to sharpen its contemporary looks and in addition enhance its convenience not to mention sporting flair.
Familiar BMW proportions, communicative, vibrant surfaces and additionally unique BMW X model design cues shape the appearance associated with the BMW X1. A sweeping bonnet, long wheelbase and even set-back passenger area emphasise the auto s dynamic talent, while attractive light and even tone influences hint at its inherent nimbleness. The versatility then robustness of a BMW X model happen to be replicated within elements which include the black edging at the lower edge associated with the human body and spacious wheel arches.

When observed within the front, the powerful stance associated with the brand-new BMW X1 on the road then its aura of top quality tend to be now accentuated with even greater intensity. A greater amount of surfaces painted within body color emphasize the auto s enhanced elegance. The entire path associated with the cars lines, which unify found on the license plate mount from either side of the BMW kidney not to mention forge outwards with regard to the lower section of the bumper, is borrowed from BMW X models throughout higher vehicle segments. The newly crafted headlights let a in-depth see associated with the advanced light technology within. Along with a chrome-coated highlight strip at this point cuts across the entire top associated with the twin circular Angel Eyes headlights. Subsequently, an LED accent light – included because piece of the optional xenon lights, complete that’s suffering from LED light rings for the daylight driving lights – delivers the classic BMW focused look.

The swage line rising gradually in order to the back associated with the vehicle, some other fictional character line extending the contours of the side window surrounds as it heads towards the rear, not to mention powerfully bulging wheel arches let the entire BMW X1 to cut a rather distinctive figure side-on. The pronounced side-skirts happen to be a signature feature of BMW X models, while the side direction signs are generally now incorporated into the particular newly tailored exterior side-view mirrors.

The particular premium feel of the brand new BMW X1 is actually moreover underlined at the entire back by the entire brand new subsection of apron, bumper and in addition underguard, alongside the repositioned reflectors at present moreover bordered by surfaces colored within human body colour. Because an outcome, the black plastic elements are slimmer, whilst the  silver colored underguard has a more stunning surface  construction.

Interior: accurate lines, high-quality materials, sophisticated color scheme.
The entire modifications in order to the shape of the brand-new BMW X1 interior create a a lot more vivid showcase associated with the sporty driving excitement, advanced versatility and additionally premium feel this automobile delivers. The side of the center system angled towards the driver is actually at present shallower, spotlighting the driver-focused nature associated with the cockpit shape.

Premium electroplated trim for the shifter lever and additionally center console cup holder, a chromed out strip for the entire headlight switch plus chrome touches for the entire side edging of the Control Display – when the optional navigation system typically is certain – add the entire completing touches that would the entire indoor s robe of exclusivity. And, the air vent trim usually are given a glossy black finish.

The BMW X1: more sporting and effective than ever.
The variants associated with the BMW X1 granted with regard to the US marketplace usually are powered by BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol machines. This package of technology consists of twin-scroll turbocharging, High Precision Direct Petrol Injection, VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and in addition Double-Vanos variable camshaft control. Throughout both the award-winning six-cylinder in-line motor less than the bonnet of the BMW X1 xDrive35i – developing 225 kW/306 hp – not to mention the 180 kW/245 hp four-cylinder unit powering the BMW X1 sDrive28i and in addition BMW X1 xDrive28i it guarantees immediate electrical power delivery, impressive pulling force and even exceptional efficiency.

Simultaneously machines link up as standard alongside a great automatic gearbox and even extensive BMW EfficientDynamics development. Qualities which includes the Auto Start-Stop feature (28i only), Brake Energy Regeneration, Electricity Energy Steering, the  need-based operation of ancillary units plus tyres that’s suffering from low rolling resistance all assist to achieve a blend of overall performance as well as gas efficiency unrivaled by any rival.

The BMW X1 sDrive28i with customary BMW rear-wheel drive plus the all-wheel-drive xDrive35i is offered exclusively within the You market. The smart all-wheel drive associated with the BMW X1 xDrive35i plus BMW X1 xDrive28i varies the distribution of drive involving the front as well as back wheels, because necessary. This electronically controlled electric power distribution ensures maximum traction and in addition unbeatable directional stability in every weather then road conditions, because well as noticeably sportier responses from dynamically taken corners.