BMW has made it painless for potential customers to compare their vehicles to the competition. US customers benefit from a BMW Competition Comparison Tool on BMWUSA Website, both desktop and mobile versions. The fun factor, a BMW specialty, cannot be relayed to the driver neither via a computer screen nor from the click of a mouse. Convenience of specking out multiple vehicles from the same class without leaving the manufacturer’s official homepage saves time, and allows for easy browsing of up-to-date BMW performance accessories. Additionally, it provides a gateway to current deal, which in turn helps cross shoppers maximize the value of their money.

Simply visit the corporate site, find the BMW of your choice, compare it to competitor vehicles from the same segment. Let’s say you are interested in the new F30 BMW 328i sedan, but you still have questions on how it stacks up on paper against the Mercedes-Benz C250 sedan. Start at the BMW homepage, find the 3-Series at the top header menu, hover over the number “3” until the menu expands. Click on “Compare vehicles” on the right hand side of the menu. A new comparison page should load. Proceed by clicking on the 3 Series, then on the 328i Sedan.

Once selected, the BMW 328i loads up with the Mercedes-Benz c250 and the Audi A4 2.0T load up by default. Its possible to compare up to 4 cars at a time. Once you are finished your selection, click on the “Compare” button on the bottom right-hand side.  An overview comparison page loads up. At this point, conveniently  click on the tabs to toggle between Overview, Pricing, Performance, Safety, Features, Dimensions, and browse through Images.

Features with a “BMW advantage” are marked with a blue check mark next to the row.  I must note that the accuracy level of the comparison data that BMW provides to customers on their site is unsurpassed, as these blue check marks do not saturate the comparison data, providing a level playing field for others.

There are limitations to the system, as this comparison tool only covers pre-configured competitor cars and current BMW vehicles. Mercedes-Benz and Audi are always available, as they are direct competitors to BMW is almost every segment. Additional cars are available for comparison from Lexus, with the new IS, and the TL from Acura. Oddly enough, Cadillac ATS is not even listed in the comparison data. Up to this point, BMW does not believe that this Caddy is up for the challenge.



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