BMW E46 M3 vs E92 335is, which would you choose? Details are below.

To help you decide which car to pick, we shot a simple walk around video of the E46 M3 and a nearly new E92 335is. Both cars were parked within a few feet of each other in a parking garage.
These two cars are closely comparable in size and performance. But both use a different approach on the way that power is produced. The original US-spec E46 M3 is powered by the legendary 3.2-liter naturally aspirated inline 6-cylinder high-revving engine, with an outrageous 8200 rpm redline. Making it ideal for track days and canyon road carving, as the engine is eager to rev, holding lower gears longer around corners. The 2003 M3 engine produces 333 hp @ 7900 rpm, 343 bhp in Europe, and 262 ft-lbs @ 4900 rpm.


On the other hand, the 335is packs a naughty 69 lb-ft more in torque, 331 lb-ft compared with the M3’s 262 lb-ft. Powered by the famous N54 TwinPower Turbo (twin turbo) engine, producing 320 hp @ 5900 rpm. Torque is generated very low in the rpm range, 333 ft-lbs @ 1500 rpm. An overboost function momentarily increases torque to 370 ft-lbs, at the same rpm, with unchanged horsepower.

Power is not everything, as the E46 M3 curb weight is at 3415 lbs compared with the E92 335is 3593 lb curb weight. That’s a whopping 178 lb difference in weight.
Both cars have automated gearboxes with paddle shifters. The E46 is equipped with an SMG single clutch automated gearbox, while the 335is is equipped with a faster-shifting DCT dual clutch transmission.

This particular M3 sports a custom-made exhaust system, lowered suspension, and blacked out OEM wheels. In contrast the 335is appeared to be in stock form, unless the owner quietly chipped the engine. With all of the above in mind, which would you choose?