BMW M5 Donuts with AK-47 Kalashnikov… True, this may not be the best scene of the beloved E60 BMW M5, but sure enough, it is the strangest video out there. Video is labeled as Chechen Mafia doing donuts in an M5 with an AK-47. In reality, it seems that 3 Chechnyan guys were part of a wedding ceremony. Gun shots are part of the normal activity in such events. Regardless, this video generated a huge buzz online with equal amount of viewers “Liked” and “Disliked” the video.

In reality, the video is super entertaining. Luckily bullets fired in the air did not injure or kill any innocent bystanders, but no one can gaurantee a tragic ending in such circumstances. If you haven’t seen it already, enough reading, click play to see the”gangsta” action.


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