One of the most credible automotive journalists of our time pitted the 2013 BMW M135i vs Audi RS3. Just the comparison we’ve all been waiting for.

A true mismatch between the two German rivals, but the truth is, many enthusiasts will be doing this comparison regardless of the BMW M135i being a BMW M sub-brand. A direct comparison would be between the M135i and an S3 if there was such a car. Under €30K , that is €10,000 less than the Audi RS3

The BMW M135i is equipped with the N55 3-liter inline 6 cylinder engine producing 320 hp and tons of torque, an 8 speed ZF-sourced automatic, and no rear locking differential. Great driving position, the steering wheel is at perfect height and adjustability, the electric steering response is numb, the 8-speed automatic is as responsive as an dual clutch gearbox.

The Audi RS3 is equipped with an iconic 5 cylinder turbo charged engine producing 335 hp and Quattro all wheel drive, hydraulic power steering, and a dual clutch automanual transmission. A dated interior that feels kind of cheap on the inside, which is unusual for an Audi of this price. On the road, the car rides rough, The RS3 doesn’t fit the whole RS category according to his review.

On the road, the BMW is superior to the Audi. On the track, the BMW outshines the RS3, as it doesn’t have the horrible under-steer of the Quattro AWD system. On the Drag strip, the RS3 launches faster with the help of the extra 15hp and the AWD system with launch control. The Audi reaches the 1/4 faster than the BMW, while the M135i catches the RS3 at around 150 mph, which is makes also it the ultimate winner in this category.

One piece of advise from the King of driving, stay light on the options, and enjoy the performance.

Source: Chris Harris On Drive.


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