BMW is gearing up for the future to fill a 5% yearly market increase of the small car compact segment by introducing a front wheel drive based plug in hybrid. Targeting Mercedes-Benz B Class and the Audi Q1, this offering from BMW is called the BMW Concept Active Tourer. Targeting the premium segment customer with an acquired taste for a higher seating position with emphasis on ample space.

The BMW Active Tourer Concept was created from the ground up as a plugin hybrid electric vehicle. Expected range of the lithium ion battery which powers an electric motor at the rear axle is 12.5miles (20km) alone. The front wheels are powered by a 1.5 liter gasoline (petrol) engine for a combined output of 190hp (140kW). The average fuel consumption is estimated at 2.5 liters per 100km on the European test cycle (.106 gal/mile), a lot by any means.

One has to admit that this time around, BMW created a good looking front wheel drive crossover. It combines a proper BMW front fascia, athletic, yet elegant side lines, an the Hofmeister kink at the C-pilar. The rear end features an athletic apron with large tailpipes, a huge improvement over current production BMWs.

The Active Tourer is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology on the inside. Everything from heads up display, black panel tech instrument panel, and a clear view of the sky thanks to a full panorama roof that could turn dark with a simple switch of the button. Not to mention the fully folding rear seats that accomodate additional space.

It is very likely that the BMW Concept Active Tourer will eventually find it’s way onto the production line.


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