The X5M and X6M have little in common with the original principles that the BMW M Division was founded on. Relatively light weight coupes, sedans, and convertibles equipped with screaming high revving naturally aspirated engines with matching chassis tuning. Fast forward to our current day most BMW M vehicles, similarly to the entire auto industry, have gotten larger, and consequently heavers. Without going into further details for the reasons, benefits, and trade offs. We now have sport utilities kicking some major rear ends on traffic lights, not to mention on tracks and drag strips.

We put together a small collection of BMW X5M and X6M drag racing videos that we are calling BMW X5M and BMW X6M Vs The World. Scroll down, watch, and enjoy…

First Video:
BMW X6M PP-Performance Stage 2 developing 650 hp vs Ferrari 458 Italia with 570 hp stock
BMW X6M Evotech Stage 3 running 730 hp vs BMW X6M PP-Performance Stage 2 developing 650 hp
BMW X6M PP-Performance Stage 2 developing 650 hp vs Audi RS6 Evotech Stage 2 developing 750 hp

Second Video:
BMW X6M vs Porsche 911 Carrera S stock (991 chassis).
There is no indication if this all new 991 911 Carrera is an S or a 4S model. All wheel drive traction of the 4S would certainly help in rainy conditions.

Third Video:

BMW X6M vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo MKI vs Infiniti FX50 vs Range Rover Sport drag race. 
Not sure what the Infiniti and the Range Rover Sport are even in this drag race. An ML63 would have been a far better choice.

Fourth Video:
Pre-facelift first generation Nissan GT-R vs BMW X5M drag race.

If you have any video suggestions on the X5M and the X6M drag racing, leave a comment. We will be glad to add it to the list.

Source: YouTube


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