The 135is is powered by the same N55 TwinPower Turbo, essentially a single twin-scroll turbocharger, 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder that drives the 135i with a boast of an extra 20 horsepower and 17 lb-ft of torque. MPG figures are impressively exactly the same as in the base 135i, regardless of the 135is’s 320 horses and 317 lb-ft of torque. Power is delivered seamlessly throughout the usable daily driver rev range in a virtually lag free manner. Exhaust sound is louder, deeper, and more exciting now. A feature that is a huge improvement over the super quiet non-S model. As expected, handling has been improved, adding to driver confidence on twisty canyon roads with a slightly firmer ride quality.

The engine output for the car in the video is transferred to the back wheels by way of a 6-Speed manual transmission. An optional 7-Speed Double Clutch Transmission is available for those of you that are willing for the car to do most of the shifting for you. For years now, BMW has not offered an M Variable Differential in non-M vehicles. No difference here, the M135is will not be equipped with a locking rear differential. Instead, an advanced rear brake management system is used to “assist” the car’s acceleration out of tighter corners.

Watch the 2013 BMW 135is E82 Canyon Carving and Beach Cruising Video below. Amazing roads and scenery, a MUST SEE! The video was edited to play at 2.5X speed because we had to adhere to the speed limit in the residential areas. Because of the nature of the video music was added to cover the silence. Enjoy the ride along as we did.