BMW has always been serious about driving. The Bavarian automaker started offering “factory” sponsored driving classes way back in the late seventies in Europe, years before other car makers. BMW driving courses have had a presence in the States for several years. In contrast, Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy did not arrive to our shores until 2009. The fact that Mercedes-Benz did not purchase the tuning house AMG until the late 90’s must have something to do with it.

As of this year, BMW will change the name of the driving school to BMW Driving Experience. While Mini lovers will enjoy a similar name change, the MINI Driving Experience. A range of educational training courses stretch past the original goal of safe driving. Classes are geared towards beginners as well as experienced drivers. Ranging from learning how to drift on ice, depending on your location, to perfecting that pro racetrack driving line that shaves off seconds from your lap times.

A range of packages are available including insurance, meals, and accommodations. As expected, all of these services are including in the package price of each event. Two-day track events usually have hotel accommodations built into the deal (around $200/night), while one-day track events include only everything you need for that one day, without accommodation. All you have to do is pick the package that fits your needs, wear some driving shoes, gloves, and a helmet. Then turn all your attention and senses to the Ultimate Driving Machine, to help extract the highest levels of excitement, adrenaline, and satisfaction possible in a day (or more). After all, one thing for certain, you will become a better driver regardles of which brand or car you currently own. Because owning a BMW or Mini is not required to attend the BMW Driving Experience school.


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