Part of a BIMMERTIMES series that we are calling  “Epic BMW Photos”. We put together several hand picked pictures of BMW cars that our editors have taken randomly.  This series features the E36  BMW Z3 M Roadster Pictures taken in 2013, April to be exact, on a great winding road in Southern California.

Whenever I used to lay my eyes on a Z3 Roadster, the first thought that popped into my head was Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond movie. The movie featured the 1.9 L inline 4-cylinder Z3. Design wise, the Z3 was, and still is stunning until this day.  To clear things up, this is not your everyday James Bond BMW Z3. Even though I’m pretty sure the Movie Star Z3 Roadster would be worth a great deal  more. Our own star is a Z3 M Roadster.

The  Z3 M Roadster was initially powered by a 3.2L 240hp inline 6-cylinder engine from the US-model E36 M3, from 1999 until 2000. In 2001 the E36 Z3 Roadster received a power boost from adapting the E46 M3 3.2L engine that produced 315hp. The latter is obviously a more desired setup that enthusiast seek when looking for one of the most iconic BMWs from recent years.

First off,  a cool corner shot of the Z3 M entering a corner at decent speed.

Second picture, the Z3 M roadster exiting, or continuing along this fairly long corner at respectable speed.

Below, a top down view of the Z3 right at the middle of a corner. Huge lips on the rear wheels  add to the already muscular stance of the rear wheel drive Z.

Lastly, a top down picture of the Z3 M Coupe accelerating away in a straight line. Great shot.

Tools used: A good camera with a mediocre skill-set, a great location, and most importantly, an insane passion for BMW cars. As that is the only way to capture these frozen dynamic moments in time. Even though our photography skills may need some brushing up.

Stay tuned for more all original Epic BMW photos from us…

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