Spy video shows the F80 BMW M3 being tested out on public roads. Exterior is Camouflaged, keeping the M-spec body kit hidden from prying eyes. Exhaust sound is easily picked up revealing, yet again, a six cylinder engine up front.

The video, shot by BIMMERPOST in Spain shows a prototype F80, the four door version of the upcoming BMW M3. Based on the F30 3-Series chassis. BMW is planning to release this 4 door version ahead of the coupe in an effort to increase the sales of the sedan before the F82 M4 coupe is launched.

In prototype form, footage clearly displays an athletic stance, and firm suspension setup. BMW dropped the high revving, brutal sounding, 4-liter V8 from the current generation E90/E92 for a lighter multi-turbo charged inline-6 engine. The 2014 BMW M3 engine setup will be similar to N54/N55, while delivering north of 450 hp. Although displacement and turbocharger quantity is not confirmed, dual VANOS variable valve timing technology will be utilized to optimize performance.

Expect electric steering, a manual and an M-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission to be available. Most likely, the M5’s interior exhaust sound enhancing trick is not applied to the new M3.