Ask any real BMW follower about their modern-day BMW favorite. Nine out of ten times, the E46 BMW M3 CSL will be somewhere on top of their list. However, let’s leave these clichés behind for a moment. Yes the CSL (as well as others) is an amazing, lightweight, purposeful, rare, and pure high performance BMW that we all want. In reality, true BMW die-hards hold an appreciation for a vast range of models, even those rare hefty ones like the 2006 BMW 760Li V12.

Residing in a metropolitan area E65 750i and E66 750Li are a dime a dozen, especially now that their price has fallen after the introduction of the F02 model. With that in mind, reality is that most individuals could only count on one hand the number of E66 BMW 760Li’s spotted in person over the years. Fast forward to today, walking through a huge parking lot, I spotted a V12 executive saloon from half a block away. Virtually hesitation free, I quickly walked up towards the vehicle for a quick glimpse (as apparent in the E66 BMW 760Li Video below).

From a distance, the wheels stick out making the car’s stance appear more prominent, yet original. As you get closer, the front fender-mounted V12 badges add even more authority to this long wheel version. The front end is largely typical 7-Series, while to the uninitiated, a quick view of the bangle-butt rear reveals the 760Li badge. The differences between the 750 and the 760 are very subtle. At the time of launch 2006, the base price of the 760Li was around $116K.  If weight alone was a value factor, BMW’s flaghship car weighed 4900 lbs and was powered by a 6-liter naturally aspirated V12 generating 438 hp at 6000 rpm and 444 lb-ft of torque at 3950 rpm.

Regardless of how much automotive reporters bashed the rear end on the E66 7, in reality, several major car makers copied the rear-end design of the 7 Series, including the current generation Mercedes-Benz W221 S-Class. Not undermining the S-class in any way, but design wise, I truly believe that MB took the rear end of the 7 series and dumbed it down a bit, making it more acceptable to the masses.

Have some spare time? Take a look at the rear ends of  ’07-up Toyota Camry (no rear spoiler), ’07-up Nissan Altima, and Versa (sedan). These cars also copied the rear end of the E65/E66, Just to name a few. Have any more in mind? Add your suggestions below in the comments.