Government mandates to lower fuel consumption rates, CO2 emissions caps, and recent frequencies in once-in-a-lifetime natural disasters will only push naturally aspirated V8 engines to extinction. According to the EPA, US green house gas emissions from transportation alone was 27% in 2010. Pretty serious stuff, a total buzz killer for true gear-heads.

A question that must be asked, are naturally aspirated big displacement V8 engines gone for good from German cars? Starting 2013, every single BMW will feature forced induction engines, primarily with turbo chargers. The current M5 F10 is powered by a twin turbo V8 engine, while the 2012 E92 M3 is the last naturally aspirated V8 from Munich in the foreseeable future. If anyone thinks that BMW went through this extensive development cycle on the i8 without having any additional plans for the all carbon fiber super car, then they must be out of their mind.

Extract the above issues, then our featured car would have no reason for existance. We had the privilege to see the BMW i8 Concept Spyder at the LA Autoshow. Unique, striking lines, and innovative design to say the least. Powered by BMWs eDrive technology, combining a BMW-designed electric motor, coupled with a 3 cylinder TwinPower Turbo gasoline (petrol) engine, resulting in 354 hp (260 kW). Great performance, light-weight construction, sporty driving dynamics, and most importantly, incredible fuel consumption. Less than 3/4 gallons (2.7 liters) per 60 miles (100 km) of distance traveled, the new industry standard.

Brilliant car, in a brilliant package. However, this mid-engine layout super roadster may have loads of potential in the opposite direction. It is only natural (and fairly easy) for us to consider the resurrection of the BMW M1, knowing that the architecture is already available from the i8. Get rid of the hybrid drive, tweak a few thing, stuff a tuned version of the F10 M5 engine behind the rear fire wall, voila, BMW’s flagship supercar is back. The great return of the M1, before it’s too late to power it with a gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. A BMW i8 Spyder Powered by BMW M5 Engine with 600hp+ is possible. Another option would be a highly tuned version of the upcoming M3/M4 turbo inline 6 cylinder, while keeping the hybrid drive in place (examine the engine bay image below).

A flagship supercar is important for all luxury car makers. Audi has the Lamborghini based R8, Lexus has the LF-A, and Mercedes-Benz has the SLS AMG, now in Black. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the return of the BMW M1.

Speaking of the SLS, watch this great footage of the Mercedes-Benz SLS ///AMG Black Series at the LA Auto Show:



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