Cold weather testing is just a small portion of the development testing on the upcoming BMW 1 Series GT. Based largely on conceptual hints from the 2012 Paris Auto Show, this Grand Tourer is wearing winter camouflage. In an effort to cover up production-level design from prying eyes looking to copy BMW’s successful design philosophy.

Codenamed F56 , the upcoming 2014 BMW 1 Series GT will be front wheel driven, sharing MINI underpinnings, similarly to the X1. There is talk about a 1.5-liter 3 cylinder twin scroll gas (petrol) turbo engine, combined with a rear-axle mounted electric motor, that will make up the ActiveHybrid 1 Series GT. Additionally, several diesel engine choices will be available for the European market. As for the US, a version of N20 inline 4-cylinder twin scroll single turbo engine will be the star choice.


BMW has been on a successful streak in creating new vehicles in categories that have never existed before, for eager customers to feast upon. The 1 Series GT is sure to reshape the entry level luxury cross over market, sending the competition scrambling.


Source: BMW AG, Quattroruote


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