Traveling north from San Diego, the all new 2013 BMW M5 F10 looked like a menacing beast in the rear view mirror of a friend’s VW Golf TDI. We are talking about one of the first cars to be delivered to a paying customer in the US. Black exterior, super bright adaptive xenon headlights along with BMW original halo eyes, huge front bumper air dams, and a flat unapologetic nose. Projecting a refined, yet mean look that the outgoing E60 could NOT pull off.

Shortly after spotting the new M5, traffic slowed down, then came to a complete halt. We managed to trail it for a few seconds, then went around it trying to capture the side and front on video. Eventually these M5’s are going to be all over the place. But for now, knowing that BMW has just released the car in North America seeing one on the road is a definite treat for us BMW fans.

Watch the 2013 BMW M5 Video below…


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