While merging onto a local road, we spotted a 2000+ BMW E39 M5 sporting an insanely loud custom exhaust system. The sound that resonated from the tail pipes was obviously lacking any road-legal exhaust restrictions. It doesn’t stop there, a matte gray vinyl wrap job hides the original shiny paint. Meanwhile, custom LED angel-eye halo lights, tinted windows, blacked-out over-sized staggered wheels and tires amplify the monster-nous  of this car.

In original form, the E39 M5 took advantage of a 5.0 liter V8 engine, producing 400 hp and 395lb-ft of torque. Outstanding hp/liter figures for the era, making it a super sedan, not matched by rivals until recently. A six speed manual transmission was the only engine choice. At the time, one of the major US-based magazines was quoted saying the following about the E39 BMW M5:

 “it only takes one drive to convince you beyond the shadow of a doubt: BMW has herewith created the greatest super-sedan of all time.”

A slow pacing video of the BMW E39 M5 Matte Paint (below).

A still image of the BMW E39 M5 Matte Paint (below), not recommended for the fainthearted.