Just spotted a BMW i8 following the next generation X5 running around Pacific Coast Hwy just South of Los Angeles. Both cars where heavily camouflaged to hide their production exterior details.
Powered by a turbo charged 3 cylinder engine, and two electric motors, one producing 129hp and 184 lb-ft of torque propelling the front wheels. While the second e-motor produces 13 hp, just enough to jump in before the turbo kicks in on the gasoline engine, reducing any turbo lag feel.

An additional e-motor is placed in the rear adjacent to the combustion engine. It produces 13 hp and 81 lb-ft of torque and while it can provide additional power to the rear wheel, BMW says that it’s main functions are to recharge the battery, start the combustion engine and in hybrid mode to smooth out power delivery and match up the revs when switching driving modes. Therefore the typical lag mode found in hybrid or combustion setups is removed. Electric charge is stored in a 5 kwh lithium ion battery pack, placed in the tunnel running down the center of the vehicle.

Combined horsepower on the 2014 i8 is 357 and 420 lb-ft of torque, with a little less than half of that power being available at the instant tap of the throttle. Power is transmitted to the wheels via a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The i8 looks like nothing else on the road, well that blue and while camo does help make it stick out more. But that rear end, and the side roof/hatch wings, very unique.
Then you get next to it, you’ll hear no exhaust sound, then a few moments later, the engine kicks in, the exhaust note comes out nicely.