If you ask the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), what is sustainability? They will answer you by saying that:

“Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.”

What is this regulatory agency doing about it? The EPA’s goal it to reduce waste by recycling as much substance as possible at a infrastructure level. They are starting out by labeling green products to promote their exposure to the public. Not to mention their effort to highlight the engineering and chemistry, which are the building blocks behind the creation of such environmentally friendly products.

As a global sales leader in the luxury car market, BMW is taking this idea of sustainability to the next level. From the recycled material used to produce lightweight carbon fiber used in vehicle construction, to reducing the energy spent for painting vehicle body panels, to creating fully electric vehicles based falling under the new BMWi sub-brand, they are on the right track to lead the automotive industry into a smarter future.

Watch the six part video series below highlighting BMW’s current work towards automotive sustainability for the greater good of everything surrounding us.

Video 1: BMW Carbon Fiber Production for the Future. Sustainable carbon fiber and carbon reinforced plastic for the future.

Video 2: BMW Electric Car Range, Active E – Sustainability

Video 3: Would you share your BMW with Others? – Sustainability.

Video 4: Earn Money from Renting Your Parking Spot in Major Cities. Part of a sustainability series by BMW. Drivers could book your much needed parking spot on overcrowded streets ahead of time before heading to their destination.

Video 5: BMW-i Carbon Fiber Production from Renewables – Sustainability

Video 6: Thermoplastic Replace Sheet Metal Skin on the BMW i3 – Sustainability

Sources: BMW AG, EPA.


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