Naturally, BMW M enthusiasts are wondering if BMW will go head-to-head with Mercedes by introducing a CLS63 AMG fighter. Will BMW make a 4 door sedan 6 Series M Gran coupe to fill that gap. Will it be called and M6 Gran Coupe? Or will BMW use an unexpected smart marketing tactic like they did with the baby M, the 1 Series M Coupe?

The probability is very high of an M6 Gran Coupe to surface, especially if the sales volume of the new V8 Gran Coupe is anywhere near the CLS550 or the Porsche Panamera S.  We at BIMMERTIMES suspect that the future will most likely bring a performance model 6 Series Gran Coupe, even if it doesn’t come directly from BMW tuning house, BMW M GmbH.

The reasoning behind these speculations is that BMW produces an amazing full size sporty and luxurious flagship sedan, the almighty 7-series. But they’ve never produced a true M model 7 series. Instead, they’ve allowed the famous German tuner, Alpina, fill in the gap in the US market with the B7. So why wouldn’t BMW hand it over to Alpina with the 6 Series Gran Coupe? Only time will tell.

If produced, expect the BMW Gran Coupe M6 to use the same 560hp 4.4liter TwinPower Turbo V8 from the M6 and M5.