Today at Pebble Beach, the long awaited world debut of the BMW M4 Coupe took place. The all new M4 replaces the M3 Coupe. An odd name change, but at least the M3 name will live on in sedan form.
Recently, most journalists predicted that the F30 based M3 would be released before the public eye before the M4. But here it is, the BMW M4 Coupe in concept form before showing a glimpse of the M3 Sedan.
This maybe the most aggressive styling a BMW M3, or should we say M4, has ever had since the introduction of the E30 M3 back in the late 1980’s.

Design highlights include an aggressive front bumper with aerodynamic features that provide downforce, as well as, plenty of fresh air for what seems to be inter-cooler area, similar to the M5. A feature following the M6 with a small M4 badge on the front kidney grill. A powerful bulge on the hood, power dome in BMW speak, captures the power of the engine underneath like the E92 M3 before it.

On the other hand, carbon fiber reinforced plastic makes up the roof construction with an added touch of M colored stripes (thumbs up for that).

Aggressive fenders with updated gills, huge break calipers, and sporty silhouette, sets this car apart from the competition.
Flared rear wheel arches, aggressive rear bumper, and the signature quad round M3 / M4 exhaust tips complete the final touches on this new icon.

BMW M4 Coupe Photo Gallery:


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